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Amanda Finnegan

Amanda Finnegan

Head of Retained Services

Amanda has extensive experience in best practice Human Resource Management, delivering strategic HR to clients throughout the Private and Public Sector.

With a predominant focus in Organisational Development Amanda has been instrumental in the development and delivery of Strategic HR to clients across all sectors, as well as driving the People agenda through her supports to Senior HR Practitioners assisting them in achieving their strategic goals, enabling value and impact on their respective internal scoreboards be it: Organisational Strategy, Performance Management, Organisational Change, Talent Development, Retention and Employee Engagement.

Throughout her career, Amanda gravitated towards roles that focused on people engagement and collaboration. She is a natural leader and loves to coach both small and large teams toward success and meeting their goals.

Her process for facilitating change includes building healthy team rapport, bringing simplicity to chaotic systems, and always operating from a place of realistic optimism.

In her role as Head of Retained Services, Amanda’s remit involves overseeing both the compliance and strategic goals of our retained client partnerships ensuring the experience, expertise and the team both meet and exceed our client expectations.