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Conflict & Disputes

Conflict & Disputes

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Conflict in the workplace is unavoidable. Every workplace has different personalities, backgrounds and opinions so it is inevitable there will be disagreements. However, it’s important to ensure sure these don’t escalate into more serious issues.

If its not addressed, workplace conflict leads to disruption within the business, employee absence and a distraction for HR and management.

Our HR Barometer Report 6.1 found that two in seven organisations spent more time dealing with conflicts and disputes over the past year with the same number stating that the costs associated with managing conflict have also increased.

While a more proactive approach is cited as one of the main reasons for these increases, we can also assume that the return to the workplace is a contributor. This is reflected in the average number of conflicts experienced by organisations, which was 10 for 2021, a significant increase on 2020 when the figure averaged 3.

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